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Hornborgasjöns baksida och Skogsskövling i Bergslagen

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I have a few comments in English right here.

In Sweden it is not a crime to deposit 10.000 tons of sludge in protected areas near the Lake Hornborga, but, strangely enought, it is illegal to inform the public about it ! 
The local county administration board whose first responsibility should be to protect the lake, does not do the job properly. Instead they try to block concerned people from informing about the threats towards the lake. Why so ?
They even tried to make the police resume my announsment. There was a public meeting on the 22th of april 2006 at Trandansen Lake Hornborga. Dirty stuff !

Our demands are (I don't regard it the cups business).

to make the Autorities create rules and regulations to stop this destructive depositing that will destroy the lake and protected areas around it.
appeal against environment proceutors unwillingness to make a criminal offence of this depositing. 
a logistic and economic revision of this depositing trade, from source to soil to make them stop.
increase the protection of natura 2000 areas from unlawful building permission.
Open declaration where products cultivated on acres where sludge are used and sent.

        Windpowerstation among cranes.

Bergvik och Stora ENSO missköter skogarna i Hällefors.   DNV håller med

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